ISSP, Inc. Staff are CPR and First Aid Certified

(A State Licensed Facility)

Participant in the GROW NJ KIDS Program.

  • Arts and crafts
  • Zumba/Aerobics
  • Numbers, Letters and shapes
  • Music and movement
  • Show and Tell
  • Theme Days
  • St. Judes Trike-A-Thon
  • Nature/science
  • Playground
  • Field trips
  • Summer Camp


Call us today for enrollment information at +1.201-569-5510.

       Wendy Costello             Anita Ross                    

             Director                        Asst. Director                 

            Head Teacher                    Group Teacher

Infant Class                  Toddler Two Class                  PreK-3 Class 

Elizabeth McFadden        Carolyn McClenton                Anita Ross                  Ludivinia Calonia           AnnMarie Lai-Fang            Rowena Brown-Walker          Joan Costello                                                 Sandra Murray- asst. teacher

Infants Program

Our Infant Class is a nurturing “home away from home.” Babies have their own personal crib and cubby.  Your baby will build lifelong social skills with their peers and primary caregivers. Whichever activity they are doing whether it is reading, singing, feeding or just cuddling with your baby, our staff will continue to help your baby to grow, develop and prepare for the toddler milestones.
Our infant classroom is equipped with rockers, bouncy seats, a cozy corner with soft toys and books to soothe and stimulate your baby. Your child will have fun developing their gross motor skills in the activity playroom where they are able to engage in independent activities and enjoy story time in the library section.

Toddler Two & PreK-3 Programs

We stimulate and support the needs of the inquisitive toddler by providing a safe and secure environment for them to play and explore in with the Creative Curriculum Learning Centers. Through this type of active learning, children can make discoveries about themselves, their abilities as well as challenge, excite and enrich their young minds.
Our toddlers participate in a variety of stimulating and fun learning activities with the Creative Curriculum that introduces early math skills with numbers, colors, matching games, puzzles, writing and vocabulary development as well as promote social skills. Our teachers continue to encourage self-expression through a variety of music activities with instruments, dance and song.  Our teachers encourage creativeness with many types of dramatic play  and circle time activities which help them learn to become independent thinkers. 
The exploring of learning is endless!

InfantToddler Day Care Center

16 William St.

Englewood, NJ  07631


Full time hours

Registration Fee ~ $65.00

Infants to 23  months Tuition rate. ~ $195.00  per week

Toddlers up to 41/2 years of age tuition rate ~ $175.00 per week

Not toilet trained fee for children enrolling at 3 years old or older:  extra $15 a week 

​**** Sibling discount- $10 per week per extra child****

 Fee due: Time of enrollment for childcare services

Infants        Enrollment Fees     Toddler Two & PreK-3

 Registration  $65.00                   Registration   $65.00

2  wk. sec. deposit  $390         2 wk. sec. deposit  $350.00

1 wk. Tuition  $195.00                     1 wk. Tuition  $175.00

Total Fee:      $ 650.00                  Total Fee:        $590.00

Tuition Part time days per week fees:

5 Half Days per week (7:30am-12:00 pm) Toddler level  $155.00

Infants 3 Day Week $165.00

Toddlers 3 Day Week $155.00

One Day A Week $65.00

Late Fee: $25 every 5 days of late payment

7:30 am –6:00 PM

No children admitted before 7:30 AM

No Children admitted after 9:30am unless they have notified office 24 hours prior to day.

Children picked up after 6:00 PM there is a late pickup
Penalty fee of $5.00 per minute